Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Supercool Capes for Girls

Reversible Super Capes for your Super Girl! Whether she's a Hannah Fannah, Ballerina, or Princess (or just wishes she was) you can get a cape that will help her turn her fantasies into playtime fun! Colors and styles vary, so you can either buy what's in stock or pick your two favorite designs and order one custom made, to fit your daughter's interests.

$28 each, plus $3 each for 3-5 day shipping

Fits Ages 3 & up! Girl designs also available in Toddler Size. Machine wash gentle, machine dry, iron as needed. Polyester/Cotton with Velcro closure (so you don't have to tie and untie all day long :). Velcro also designed for easy release, but remember to keep an eye on your kids any time they have something around their neck. Please allow 2 weeks for custom orders.


Andrea said...

Oooh your blog is beautiful! I LOVE all your FABULOUS reversible capes!!! You are so talented & creative!!!

Mamarazzi said...

these are ADORABLE!!

Jen said...

Your check is in the mail! I'm SO excited to get these capes!! I'm eager to see the next thing you put up on here for sale! As if you're not busy enough already :)

Devri said...

Wow you are one busy lady.. I love it, and I think I will buy a boy one for xmas. but out of money right now.. so i'll be back. :)